Impeccably shaped resentment
I learned to build by loving
Deaf ears surround each moment
Leaves my heart secluded
I wish you were here
I want you near.

Disputing thoughts ran through my mind
Believing that I shall never find
Someone who could be so kind
To tell me love is never blind
That it sees but doesn’t mind.

I want you near
I badly wish you were here
I have chosen to keep it in
I will die alone
My demise will be unknown
‘Cause nobody will ever care
To be with me in my despair.

I love you, I wanted to tell you
Even if this always makes me feel so blue
I could never have the guts to ask
To crawl on the ground, I must
I cannot wait for the day to come
For me to relinquish my wisdom
Since no one knows that I exist
And I will never get to be missed.

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