About Me

Welcome to my personal blog!

It was a fine time in February 2016 when I had the idea of coming up with a blog during my trip to the north of Thailand in a city called Chiang Mai. I’ve done some interesting activities while I was there which inspired me to write things that cross my mind and share it to everyone.

I was quite inspired to write and fill my blog with contents at the start of 2016 when A Girl’s Journey was conceived but I soon lost inspiration to continue writing.

I spent a lot of time isolated in my room for the rest of 2016.

Fortunately, in the later part of 2016 I was able to connect with people who are truly inspiring which lifted my spirit that I should make the most of my time by being productive and focusing on things that make me happy.

A Girl’s Journey is a place for me to write down the things I go though or have gone through that other people might relate to as well.

I am not a professional writer. Just a typical girl with thoughts and ideas who loves adventures. 🙂

Feel free to say hi!