Just a Dream

I don’t dream a lot. When I do my dreams are never vivid. Though dreams to be are scarce, I have lots of moments in life that feel like a dream. Like that night. Things were perfect. Everything felt right. I was carefree. It was like a dream. A sweet one. It was a ride

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Sunflower Field Saraburi Thailand

My Mantra

If you wish to live a carefree life, you must make the most of today. Leave behind yesterday’s mistakes and frustrations. Don’t mind tomorrow’s darkness and shadow. Don’t spend your time worrying needlessly and building castles in the air. Remember that every moment is a part of life. You should be happy and grateful for

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Impeccably shaped resentment I learned to build by loving Deaf ears surround each moment Leaves my heart secluded I wish you were here I want you near. Disputing thoughts ran through my mind Believing that I shall never find Someone who could be so kind To tell me love is never blind That it sees

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Soaked in the rain, got burned by the flame. I cried in vain in too much pain. I want you out of my brain. Maybe I am insane. Maybe I am to blame. To me, it’s never a game. I am trapped in this chain. Without you, it would never be the same.

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Hey Chiang Mai!

A couple of weeks ago, I made a trip to Chiang Mai. A small province in the North of Thailand – a famous tourist destination- and a perfect escape for those who want to get away from the city life in Bangkok. The trip was quite short and I was feeling spontaneous so I joined

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